We as tourist guides offer a diverse portfolio of guided tours in order to explore the city in collaboration with the tourist office. The most popular tours are listed below. You can book a private tour or join us at specific time.

Christmas Market

Bozen‘s Christmas Market

There‘s even a beautiful side to winter! Experience tradition and innovation. While visiting Bozen we will show you the prettiest places in the old city. We‘ll take you into the wonderful churches, under the bustling arches and, of course, to the nicest parts of the Christmas market. 
Length of tour: 2 hours

© Oswald Stimpfl

The main square, Piazza Walther

The Old Town of Bolzano

This is the most popular tour to the main attractions, encompassing the cathedral, the arcades and the ancient fruit market. It allows a deep dive into the fascinating story of a thousand year of history as a melting pot. 
2 hours

© Az. Sogg. Bolzano-Verkehrsamt Bozen - Stankievicz

Merchantile Palace

The Nobel Palaces of Bolzano

Through a tour through the Old City, you will discover the ornamented residences of nobility and wealthy merchants as well as Bolzano’s top attractions. 2 hours

© Az. Sogg. Bolzano - Verkehrsamt Bozen - Campanile

Maretsch Castle- mythology, legends, fabels

Discovering the mythology of legends, fabels and tales

Palaces, castles and knights are the main ingredients of a fairy tale. Embark on a mythical journey around town and spot places of reference.  3 hours

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Medieval excavations, Wendelstein Castle

The Underground of Bolzano

Glimse into the hidden world of the city center cellars, the crypta of the cathedral, roman and medieval excavations and the deep cellars of the Merchantile Palace. 3 hours

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The city and the historic centre, view to the Dolomites

The medieval city and their towers

Observe the city from a viewpoint on top of the Civic Museum. Marvel at the Dolomites, explore a walled castle and join us through a tour around town. 3 hours

© Az. Sogg. Bolzano - Verkehrsamt Bozen - Ognibeni

The cablecar to Kohlern © Oswald Stimpfl

Kohlern -a viewing platform above Bolzano

Travel with the world oldest cablecar on a mountain nearby. Hike through nature to a wooden tower with a panoramic view. The journey is sweatened with tasty snacks at a charming cafe terrace.  3 hours

© Oswald Stimpfl

The Benedictan Monastery Muri Gries

The Benedictan Monastery and the Old Parish Church of Gries.

The "Muri-Gries Monastery" is located in Gries, the western district of the City, its famous not only for the Benedictan Monastery bat also for the winery in the monastery cellar. Next to the monastery the Late Gothic church contains the precious carved wooden altarpiece made by Michael Pacher 2 hours

© Oswald Stimpfl

South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology Ötzi

Bozen’s historic old city center and the South Tyrolean Archaeology museum (Ötzi, the Iceman)

This guided tour, through parts of the historic old city, ends at South Tyrol’s Archaeology Museum. Tour members will not be required to wait online for entry and will have the opportunity to visit the museum, on their own.  In it, one can see the Iceman “Ötzi” and marvel at amazing artifacts - - his clothing and hunting gear - - so well preserved. Length of tour: 1hour 30 minutes.

© Az. Sogg. Bolzano - Verkehrsamt Bozen - Guadagnini

St. Magdalena and the Dolomites

Roundtrip through the Dolomites

This tour takes you to the Dolomites, which we will reach in less than an hour from Bozen. From Tiers, with a gorgeous view of the Rose Garden (Rosengarten), we will go over the Niger Pass to the Karersee-lake and then on to Canazei, over the Dolomite passes (with time for an optional cable car ride or a short hike) before reaching the Grödner Valley and returning subsequently to Bozen. 
Length of tour: Day trip

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Bacchus Urbanus

Wine Tour: Bacchus Urbanus

This “Urban Trekking” tour takes us through the vineyards of the two red wine varieties native to South Tyrol, the “St. Magdalener” and “Lagrein”. As “wine explorers” we will visit several wineries where we will partake in wine tasting of these much loved wines. Detailed program can be found by clicking on the link https://www.bolzano-bozen.it/ Length of tour: 4 hours

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Tour around raditional inns

Restaurant Tour of Bozen

A „flavorful“ tour through the historic old city of Bozen, where in addition to seeing the famous sights, you will stop at several historic, traditional restaurants. There, you will be treated to seasonal specialties that are sure to please your palate. Length of tour: 3 hours

© Az. Sogg. Bolzano - Verkehrsamt Bozen - Buono

Snack at Speck safari

South Tyrolean Speck Safari

This unique „gourmet offer“ allows you to discover Bozen‘s historic old city as well as one of its most well-known South Tyrolean quality products: South Tyrolean Speck. We will visit a local butcher who will relate some interesting facts about the product, followed by a speck-tasting opportunity.   The tour will be topped off with a bite at one of Bozen‘s traditional restaurants. Length of tour: 2 hours

© Az. Sogg. Bolzano - Verkehrsamt Bozen - Buono

St.John's © Az. Sogg. Bolzano

From the historic old city center of Bozen to the St. Johann church.

This guided city tour takes you through the old city center of Bozen, past Waltherplatz (the main square), the fruit market and under the arches (main shopping street) to Kornplatz. From there we will head to the small church, St. Johann, which has precious frescos, dating back to the middle ages, painted on its walls. Length of tour: 2 hours

© Az. Sogg. Bolzano - Verkehrsamt Bozen - Andrewklotz

Did you find anything tempting?

We can offer a personalised guided visit of Bolzano or South Tyrol based on your special requests. All our guides are licensed not only for South Tyrol but also the whole of Italy as well.

An example visit:

The Renon plateau high

The Renon plateau high above Bolzano

At Renon it is possibile to travel around the plateau via the scenic railway through wide meadows and fields, with views of mountain farms and glimpses of the beautiful Dolomites.

© Oswald Stimpfl

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